Saturday, July 17, 2010

starting new

Life does what it does and threw a curve ball. It took away from me that one I cared about most. So for the past 3 weeks I've been sitting. Sitting with no direction and no idea how to find one.

Sunday July 11 I found my direction. I was sitting at home when my iMail made its fun little sound alerting me of a new mail. It was from my friend Scott with his weekly incognito email. Incognito is his coffee window shop. Yes just how it sounds...he sells coffee from kitchen window. Its awesome. But anyway, he sends out weekly emails saying when he'll be open and any speciality drinks he may be serving. This week he came up with a new idea. He asked us all to be a part of incognito building a well. He introduced me to charity:water. Charity:water introduced me to a problem. Almost a billion people struggle everyday to get water that is likely to make them sick. Many walk hours and hours to get to this water. Children miss school to carry heavy diesel cans full of dirty water home. There is a solution, deep deep down there is clean water. Wells can be dug in these towns that will allow these people to get clean water. Clean water fixes so much.

I want to build wells. Lots of them. I will build wells.
Heres my direction. And here is my start.

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  1. water ... as so many don't realize but it is not for free ! I got my water bill the other day and it was for over $500 !!! Imagine that ...